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Dollhouse Accessories and Books

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Doll House Shingles

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Doll House Shingles

Choose from Fishscale, Octagon, and Rectangle Birch Shingles.

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How To Make Your Dolls' House Special: Fresh Ideas for Decorating with Style
Wonderful roof tiles and slates, convincing thatching, realistic brickwork, weatherboarding, paving, and other stylish decorations transform a dollhouse into something truly personal and unique. And, here are ingenious do-it-yourself finishes that enable you to add those details without spending a fortune. Kits and plain ready-made homes then become inexpensive "blanks" that can easily become authentic reproductions of a period manor, farmhouse, or corner shop--even a replica of your very own dwelling!



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Making Doll's House Miniatures with Polymer Clay
This marvelous and versatile material easily simulates a variety of textures, including stained glass, wooden furniture, marbled tables, and more, and hardens in an ordinary oven. So, go ahead and decorate, with this definitive guide to manufacturers, tools, safety, and crafting. Fill the kitchen with tiny vegetables, utensils, and appliances, and the living room with a mantelpiece clock, bookshelf and Tiffany lamp. Serve dinner in the dining room, and build a bedroom so cozy you'll want to live there yourself! There's not a domestic detail you won't find, from the kitchen sink to a potted plant!



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Dolls' House Accessories, Fixtures & Fittings
Decorate your dollhouse with rare period furnishings and accessories. Simple but imaginative techniques show you how to make over 100 tiny accessories, fixtures, and fittings that you've probably avoided because they looked too difficult: a ceiling rose from plaster casting, a granite fireplace mantel with splatter painting, plaster ceiling and walls from textured paper, real wooden floorboards from wood strips, beautiful window treatments with stenciled fabric You can even make hooked rugs, woven baskets, cross-stitched cushions, and transfer oil paintings. All the ingenious instructions come with pictures of each step, plus full-color photos of finished projects.



Build Your Own Inexpensive Dollhouse With One Sheet of  Plywood and Home Tools
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A Beginners' Guide to The Dolls' House Hobby
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